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Citizen Participation in Budgeting

There is a legal framework which will determine citizen participation in budgeting. Tax payers’ money should be used for public interestand it seems only fair that citizens have their word in budget adoption. Transparent budget planning enables citizens to set out and protect their own interest and to have more influence and control over budget […]

Budget—Definition and Application

A budget is a primary financial act that presents a plan of financial activities of budget users, presents projection of amounts of incomes and expenditures and proposes an amount of expenditures on every level (national, state, local). A budget also determines the top amount of debt that includes present debt and the projection of debt […]

Budget and Budget Transparency

What is a budget? A budget is a financial plan of incomes and expenditures of a state, smaller political-territorial unit, institution or organization for a certain period of time (budget year). Budget is a term that originates from the medieval French word bougette that is the diminutive of the word bougewhich stands for a leather […]

A Budget for Citizens Is the Key for Transparency of the Fiscal Process

Budget incentives and their distribution are rarely transparent, despite the fact that they are well regulated in the law and bylaws. We are all aware that certain businesses get funds that are not being distributed according to procurement procedures—whilesome businesses don’t get anything. Abuse of budget incentives often happens and we often read about court […]

Financial Transparency and Budget Transparency

Financial transparency is achieved by the adoption of certain standards and practices that enable public presentation/reporting on financial activities by government authorities. In this context, budget transparency is primarily a national duty to inform public about the type and size of budget incomes and expenditures. The state is also obliged to explain the budget to […]

Budget Transparency as an Index of National Wealth

The value of budget openness index ranges from 0 to 100 and research on budget openness includes many countries. Unfortunately, in more than 50% of countries citizens don’t get much information on budget, which enables the government to cover corruption and lavished, unjustified spending. The worst ranked countries are primarily located in Africa, two of […]

Budget Transparency

Budget transparency can be defined as a complete and timely announcement of all relevant fiscal information in a systematical way. This is the definition that is most often used among financial authorities. The IMF uses the term fiscal transparency and defines as open attitude government to public when it comes to its past, present and […]

Budget—Definition and Essence

Every country has its expenditures as well as incomes that should cover these expenditures. In this sense we speak about a country’s budget. A budget is an annual law that predicts,approves and arranges all state income and expenditures within a budget year; this is the accounting of incomes and expenditures in general. Modern state regulation […]